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At Dev Connecter, our mission is to connect you with the best developers, CTO's, development firms, or hiring services, based on your specific needs, goals, and priorities.

We have a network of trusted, vetted developers and partners who offer excellent services and value, for outsourcing projects, staff augmentation, and for hiring contractors and full-time staff.

Dev Connecter will help you evaluate hiring options and guide you through the process, at no additional cost to you.

Don't waste time and money by hiring the wrong developers and/or failing to manage their work properly. You should have an independent expert on your team to supervise and direct their work.

Dev Connecter also helps clients develop their technology strategy, roadmap, and requirements, as needed. We will ensure your ongoing and ultimate success, by supervising your projects and/or assigning you a part-time Chief Technology Officer (CTO). We will ensure you ask your developers for the right work and that your developers understand what you need. On an ongoing basis, we will verify that your developers have built your software in a robust fashion, and according to best practices.

Chris Requena is an innovative and highly-competent business-builder and technologist with 20+ years’ experience in designing, developing, and testing desktop, batch, web, and mobile applications. He enjoys collaborating with clients and users to solve problems and deliver high-quality work! Chris was a software project lead at Fidelity Investments for 12 years before co-founding a successful software development firm (Mobinett Interactive) and hubEngage, an employee engagement platform used by Fortune 500 companies to improve employee productivity.

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